About me

My name is Bente Amundsen, but I am also known as Aisha North. I live in Oslo, Norway. I am a channeler and gridworker. Because of my work, I am often on the road. Both in my home country Norway, but also further afield. My travels have taken me to destinations in Europe and in the US. On some of these journeys, I have had the great joy of being invited home to fellow lightworkers. Other times, I have been blessed by having kindred spirits staying at my home. On all occasions, it has been such a profound experience of connectedness, expansion and enlightenment. I believe that by coming together in person, we are actively co-creating New Earth Now. My wish is that together, we will be able to establish a website that will facilitate this co-creation and connectedness by offering lodging and companionship to traveling lightworkers. That way, we can all help each other to be in Service to ALL.

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You can see some of my channeled work here: