The Open Door – a site where traveling lightworkers can find a place to stay with like-minded souls whenever they are called to travel to be in Service.

The Open Door – a site that will enable us to come together to co-create New Earth Now, by opening our hearts and our homes for each other.

This is my vision – that is what I am inviting you to help co-create.

My name is Bente Amundsen, but I am also known as Aisha North. I am a channeler and a gridworker. (Read more about me here.) This time, I have been called upon to share this vision in the hope that with your support and assistance, it will become a reality.


  • A free, searchable site, divided into countries/areas, where lightworkers who want to open their homes or provide services for other lightworkers can register as hosts, similar to a B&B or home swap site.
  • A service where no money is given in exchange for accommodation or other forms of assistance, but where we exchange services and share our gifts as “payment” for our visit.
  • A space that will help us meet in person, one-on-one and in larger groups, to forge new energetic pathways and through it, amplify and expand the global network of light.
  • A space where we can be of service to each other, so that we can all continue to be in Service to All.
  • A space that will help us transform this planet from “my space” to “our space”.

I see it as a portal for all lightworkers. A place where we can connect digitally in order to come together in person, giving us opportunities to empower each other by sharing our services and resources freely. Because that is how we can co-create New Earth Now – by meeting each other face to face to SHARE.

On my own, I have neither the resources nor the technical know-how to make it viable. I need assistance from you, my fellow lightworkers, to help co-create it:

  • Creating or co-creating a digital platform – a fully functional website, one where hosts and travellers can connect. Do you – or anyone you know – have the know-how and/or the resources to contribute? If so, please send me a message through my Contact page.
  • Input/previous experience – do’s and dont’s – anything you can think of to help us in this process.
  • Sharing! Please help by spreading this message.

If this vision speaks to you, but you want to create something out of it in your own way, please feel free to do so! For this is not “my” vision as such. My task is simply to share it with you, so it can become manifest – one way or the other.

My heartfelt wish is that together we will make this a reality so that someday soon, I can open the doors to my home and welcome you in, and you can do the same for me. It is by coming together we create New Earth Now. I am so looking forward to seeing you!

Thank you for reading – thank you for sharing!

With deep gratitude and joy,
Aisha North / Bente Amundsen